Monday, January 14, 2008

Some Mo' Lola Pics

Post by Bryan. Just some pics I took of the puppies in the apartment.

"Dat hiz cid, diz mi cid. No cid lef for yoo, hooman."

"My brother, my bitch. I luvs him."

"I see dead hoomans!"

The Silver Ghost and brother

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Miss Lolakins

I wasn't really sure what to title this blog. So Miss Lolakins it will remain. Lola has been getting bigger - fast! She is still super cute, in case you were wondering. Bryan and I have been battling it out with the breeder that Bryan got Lola from. Our issues are these: that two days after Lola arrived we had to take her to the emergency vet with a whooping $540 bill because she was having a 'pee problem'. She was tried to pee about 5-7 times in less than 5 minutes... which of course is not normal. At the emergency vet they said that she most likely had a urinary tract infection but they couldn't check because she was too young to get a good urine sample from her. At the time she was 6 weeks old, now she is 8 weeks old. They prescribed Lola onto clarimax to help her. It seemed to work well, until about 7 days later when she all of a sudden started to pee huge amounts over and over, which of course is not normal either... so we took her to our vet who was kind enough to see her last minute (about 15 minutes after we called him even though the office was full, his name is Dr. Jaio at Westchster Animal Hospital and I highly recommend him... the man knows his shit!) He laid down all the possibilities it could be that were causing these urine issues. He prescribed her another medication and took a urine sample. The next day he called with the results. Lola had crystals and a lot of blood in her urine, which means she has to be on a special diet s/d food for 6 weeks to get the acidity correct again in the urine. So that is where we are at now. We have to wait for another urine test after her last pills are finished and then hopefully she will be all better! Send her good thoughts!!!

Now besides all that heavy stuff she is doing wonderful! She is eating everything (socks, underwear, bookshelves, books, you name it) and has a healthy appetite and lots of energy. Vader has now accepted her into the family and regularly body slams her since he is a bruiser. She sleeps with us at night, usually cuddled around one of our necks... soon I think she will be too big to do that! Her favorite toys as of yet are rawhide bones with a flavor streak in them. The flavor streak is very important!
She bites a lot, but not to be mean she just wants to play and that combined with teething = ouch. Without any more further ado, here are the latest snaps!

Lola and I a few days after Christmas:

Lola and Vader having at each other:

Uncle Aaron and Lola:

Papa Useo eating Poltergeist Fatty Lola:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

How Lola Came to Live with Us

On December 15th Bryan picked up Lola from Laguardia in NYC. He had been telling me for weeks that as part of my Christmas present I had to keep December 15th open, and that he would be gone for at least a few hours during the day. When he got home from the airport he told me to go into the bedroom and wear headphones until he called me into the living room, since I was still oblivious to Lola's presence. When he came in to get me and brought me into the living room there was a very pretty box in the middle of the living room that he had made himself. It was wrapped with green plaid paper and had a big red ribbon on the top. I opened it, and there was the second biggest surprise of the day (and ever), Lola! I picked her up immediatly. I hugged her and warmed her up for almost half an hour before Bryan told me to take off her collar. When I did there was an engagement ring on it and Bryan asked me to marry him! That was the biggest surprise of the day (and ever!). Of course I said yes because I love Bryan very much :). We spent the rest of the weekend in the apartment with Lola and Vader, our other dog. It was the most amazing weekend. Here are some pictures. I am going to try and post one picture a day but I think since this is my first entry and it has been exactly 1 week that I get to post a few more. Stay tuned for a daily update on this little one! Any tips on training are appreciated! So far I have gotten at least mostly frustrated on a few occasions because she (naturally) pees and poops everywhere, and is up every two hours (almost exactly) every night to pee, but I have to get out of bed to take her so I have been missing most sleep. All the pictures below are courtesy of Bryan!

This is Lola on the first day. She as already grown out of her first harness since then. That took a day.

This is Lola and Vader sharing a bed together. How sweet, at least for Vader since (see next picture) this seems to be a step up in the world.

This is the alternate sleeping arrangement. Sorry Vader :(, too bad it's so cute!

Lola and I sleeping.

Lola Paws!

Lola today!